Verify Your Voter's Data

If you are an official voter for the 2021 Elections of the Knights of Rizal, you should verify your voter's data. Kindly fill up the form to check your voter's information. If data you entered does not match our records, please contact the Order's International Head Quarters (IHQ) Secretariat and request that your records be updated. Incorrect data can result in you not being able to vote on September 19, 2021.


Who are eligible to vote?

Article VIII Section 4 of the Knights of Rizal By Laws enumerates  eligible voters are as follows

[a] Individual Voter – A member of the Council of Elders, a Trustee of the Supreme Council, a Knight Grand Cross of Rizal, a Knight Grand Officer of Rizal, a Lifetime Member, a Chapter Commander, a Deputy Chapter Commander and a Chapter Chancellor shall be entitled to one (1) vote each. Provided that a member is entitled to only one (1) vote regardless of rank and number of his positions.

[b] Chapter Voters – A Chapter shall be entitled to one (1) vote for the first five (5) of its members. Each Chapter shall be entitled to additional one (1) vote for every additional fifteen (15) members, or major fraction thereof, in excess of the first five (5) of its members.


The Chapter vote(s) shall be cast by an Electoral Delegate or Alternate electoral Delegate selected by the concerned Chapter Council from among its members.

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