• Jeffrey Ian Dy

Sir Armando Cazzola, KGOR

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Sir Armando Cazzola is currently the Regional Commander for NCR. He founded various Chapters in Makati City and is himself a Past Chapter Commander of the Makati City Chapter.

He finished his Doctorate Degrees in Civil Engineering and Mining Engineering from the University of Roma, Italy. He is the president and CEO of the multinational contractor firm Foundation Specialists, Inc. with headquarters in Makati City.

Notable Achievements in the KOR:

  • Facilitated donation drives during the Taal Volcano Eruption and COVID-19 response;

  • Sponsored the non-commercial printing of Rizaliana;

  • Held lectures on Rizal’s life and works in various locations and Universities in the country.

  • Helped establish six new chapters in South NCR;

  • Donated to the KOR IHQ for the repair, painting, and rehabilitation of the KOR Building and premises;

  • Sponsored Noli Me Tangere stage play at Calamba City in cooperation with DepEd;

  • Organized and Sponsored as Makati City KOR Chapter the staging of Rizal’s “Noli Me Tangere” (as a Play) by the “Dulaang Ganap” EARIST Group of Manila, at the Lina Lajara Chipeco Auditorium in Calamba City (courtesy of Calamba City Mayor with the Participation of DECS, on January 27, 2019. The very large Auditoriom was filled up to capacity , and so successful that was replicated in San Pedro City and Tuguegarao City and Cabuyao Laguna, Sponsored by Masonic Lodges;


"What motivated me to become a member of the Order of the Knights of Rizal?"

Since 2010, while studying and researching Philippine History of the second half of 1800 and early 1900, the Propaganda Movement, La Liga Filipina, Katipunan, the Philippine First Republic, etc, I started studying the life and works of Jose Rizal, and I got “captured” by Rizal’s “Genius”, his idealism, his uncompromising personality, his ideas so far ahead of his times, his humanity, his capacity to inspire and motivate the most diverse people in his time and until now, more than a century after his martyrdom. In the context of my involvement in holding the courses of Philippine History of the Institute of Masonic Education and Studies of the Grand Lodge of the Philippines I had, in fact, focused a large part of the History Course of IMES on Rizal’s Life and works and their continual effects on the History of the Philippines.

My motivation In deciding to become a Member of Rizal’s Knights was to continue to help in propagating the study of Rizal’s life, works, ideas and ideals, and contribute to the promotion of awareness within the Youth of the role of Rizal in the creation of Philippine Nationhood and eventual achievement of Philippine Independence. Had organized and sponsored the non commercial reprinting of various books on the life and works of Dr. Jose Rizal, which had been for long time unavailable, Including the English version of Rafael Palma “Biografy of Jose Rizal”

Dr. Armando Cazzola, Born in Italy on July 27 1946, Holder of Doctorate Degrees in Civil Engineering and Mining Engineering, from the University of Roma, Italy, Member of the Upper Board of Engineers of Grosseto, Tuscany Italy.

The President and CEO of the Multinational Contractor, Foundation Specialists Inc. with headquarters in Makati City, President of The Philippine Institute of Research On Foundations and Structures Inc., President for the tenth time of ASCE Phil, the American Society of Civil Engineers, Philippine Section, Life Member of the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME), among others.

As a member of the Manila Yacht Club has participated several international Regattas. Member and twice Past Master of San Pedro Masonic Lodge 292 F&AM and Honorary Member of various Masonic Lodges in Laguna, Makati, Bulacan and Aurora. Dr. Cazzola has held various official positions at the MW Grand Lodge of F&AM of the Philippines, the last of which in 2019 as District Deputy Grand Master of Laguna. A Past Venerable Master of the Manila Bodies of A&ASR, and Past top Officer of the Luzon Bodies of York Rite. Recently held lectures on Rizal by Zoom for the Manila Bodies of A&ASR.