• Jeffrey Ian Dy

Memo 008-2021: Prohibition on Public Campaigning

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

To: All Candidates Knights of Rizal Subject: PROHIBITION ON PUBLIC CAMPAIGNING Date: 12 August 2021


Fraternal Greetings!

It has come to the Electoral Tribunal’s attention that several knights and groups have been proliferating public posts, infographics, and messages regarding their preferred Supreme Council candidates and have actively been campaigning for these candidates online. The Electoral Tribunal views such acts as detrimental to the unity and harmony of the Order considering how public campaigning has the tendency to promote divisiveness and bias in favor of one candidate over the other.

In this light, all knights are commanded to immediately cease public campaigning and to delete all public posts, infographics, messages or other forms of public support showing candidate preferences, whether the same be done by the candidate himself or by a knight in favor of a certain candidate, in any public outlet such as social media pages, online groups, chat groups or the like.

Any knight or candidate found to be violating this memorandum shall be subjected to disciplinary sanctions. Should the violator be a candidate vying for the position of “Trustee of the Supreme Council,” he may be ordered disqualified after due process.

This memorandum shall take effect immediately. For strict compliance.


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